Leather Field is at the forefront of Leather Apparel manufacturing representing Fashion and Motor-Bike Leather collections for both men and women.

Leather Field (Pvt.) Limited stands apart as the first choice for global sourcing in the highly competitive arena of Leather Apparel manufacturing. Through sheer determination & hard work Leather Field has attained a perfect combination of quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and extremely affordable costs that gives leather apparel marketers a decisive edge in product variety, pricing – and bottom-line profitability.

Under the dynamic leadership of our Chairman & CEO, Mr. Ajmal Cheema, Leather Field is today Pakistan’s leading leather apparel company. Our achievements include the “Best Export Performance Trophy” awarded repeatedly by the Government of Pakistan, since 1991 for being the largest exporter of finished leather apparel to Europe & the United States.


Continuing our effort for providing "Only the Best Quality" to our customers, Leather Field started its ISO-9002 certification effort in November 1999 and was certified in July 2000 by 'AOQC' Moody International.

Leather Field's excellence as a leading Leather Apparel manufacturer has been repeatedly recognized by the Government of Pakistan through the successive award of PAKISTAN'S BEST EXPORT PERFOMANCE TROPHY from 1990-2002.

These awards not only reflect Leather Field's commitment to its customers but also the trust of our customers in the quality of our products.

Child Labour Policy

Our company discourages Child Labor for any of its operations. On annual inspections, the Labor department always endorses, "Child Labor Free Company". We profess and support the elimination of Child Labor from the Manufacturing Industry in Sialkot. We actively participate in the Child Labor Eradication programs that are carried out by different Governmental and Non-governmental institutions like the Government of Pakistan, UNICEF, ILO, and due to these collective efforts, Sialkot Primary Education Project being undertaken by UNICEF.

International Presence

We believe in our ability to serve our customer and therein lies our success. Continuing our tradition of a world-class professionally managed business, Leather Field's U.S. operations are functional business setups with sales & distribution teams, warehouses, showrooms, as well as in-house design & marketing teams.

This highly skilled team of professionals is responsible for direct interaction with our clients and providing effective & efficient customer service. By providing facilities at the client's-end, we ensure a smooth purchase & delivery cycle without the hurdles of offshore communication & delays.