Leather Field gives highest priority to its moral and legal responsibility towards the environment, employees and the community. Leather Field actively works on issues related to sustainability, health & safety and giving back to the community.
Leather Field is aiming to make leather products more sustainable. We are committed to achieve greater environmental sustainability company wide.

In order to tackle water pollution Leather Field has installed an ETP to ensure that the water is being treated and all the harmful substances are removed off before being discarded.

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Employees health and safety
Leather Field is committed to provide best possible clean, safe and healthy environment to its workforce. Controlled measures are taken to minimize the risk of accidents at the workplace. Certified officials conduct training and education on how to deal with emergencies.
Code of conduct
Leather Field follows a strict code of conduct containing policies to ensure a fair work place for all.

Policies and practices:
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Community Involvement
Leather field strongly believes that it is obligate to make a positive change in the community. Leather field is actively involved in community activities to show our commitment to help in any way possible.

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